'Black Country Roots'
    Black Country Roots: Written by Multi-Storey a local arts based charity with the Editorial , signposting, design and
    photographic assistance of West Bromwich African Caribbean Resource Centre.


    My new friends
    Mary talks about the wonderful new people she's met thanks to the Centre.

We provide a range of services for the people of Sandwell to empower and enrich the quality of life of the community

We seek to make a positive impact on the experiences, opportunities and life chances of African Caribbean communities in particular and local people generally.

of Britain's population is black (over 2 million people)
1 in 4
Black men are likely to get Prostate Cancer at some stage in their life
We became a legal entity

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Sad News! Passing of Daphne Francis

Sad News! Passing of Daphne Francis

It is with regret that we announce the sad passing of Daphne Francis. Daphne was a long standing visitor, client and member of Club Carib and a regularly...

Mrs Hyacinth Jarrett

Mrs Jarrett is currently on the Board of Trustees as the Treasurer for the organisation. Mrs Jarrett was recently featured on BBC Midlands Today News as...

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