Two years after launching the Black  Country Roots book we renewed our cultural heritage partnership with Multistory to  bring celebrated Genealogist    Paul Crooks to the Caribbean Centre . Paul presented an excellent lecture on his practical experiences of tracing his family roots from London to Jamaica to Ghana. His presentation was warmly received by an audience of over  90 people which was almost twice the amount expected.

Paul's book " A tree without Roots " was available for purchase and he sold two whole boxes more than he had ever done before.  

A mini consultation was also held regarding a proposed project called  Gone But Not Forgotten. We were pleased to see family members of former service  users who has passed away attend and give their approval and confirm their willingness to be part of the project if were are successful in a funding application. A gone but not forgotten hall of remembrance  with over 70 people who had either been service  users, volunteers, trustees or members of staff was on display 

 On the whole it was an uplifting experience for those attending including Councillor Jackie Taylor who shared her family history with the audience.

A wonderful example of partnership working