The Sapphire Service has risen over the last 18 months from a simple conversation  between members of the local hospital and community workers concerned about patient satisfaction .With innovation a willingness to work in partnership and many hours    working on funding applications,   agreeing best practice and how we work together the Sapphire service  a partnership with Agewell and Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospital  NHS Trust  developed rapidly. 

On Thursday 8th November 2018 it achieved its highest accolade to date when it won the Celebrating Inclusion and Diversity Award at the inaugural Helpforce Champions  National Awards  for Health Volunteers Dinner. The award was presented by Dr Nick Churchill of Health Authority England.

The chair of Helpforce  Sir Thomas Hughes-Hallett was so impressed with the work of Sapphire that he stated that if there was an overall champion it would have been Sapphire and wanted to see a Sapphire like service  in all hospitals across the country 

Congratulations to all involved