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Shane Ward - CEO 25 Years on

Congratulations to our Chief Executive and BEXeptional Lifetime Achievement Award Winner Shane Ward for achieving 25 years in the role of Chief Executive.

His passion for supporting African Caribbean communities near and far remains as strong today as when he started on 13th February 1995.

Our Chief Executive Mr Shane Ward has work for the West Bromwich African Caribbean Resource Centre for 25 years. Shane has been a longstanding member of staff and has work extremely hard over the years to keep the centre going. He has given all his time to ensure that the ethos of the centre is kept at the forefront of the work we do and is very passionate about maintaining the heritage and culture of the centre, in particular engaging with our senior clients and supporting young children and the youth of today.

Shane has seen many changes and many people come and go throughout his time as CEO; and as we look to move into the future of the centre Shane again has worked tirelessly to ensure that the Trustees, Staff, Management as well as our Volunteers and Students, Clients etc. are ready for this next phase and are working together as part of a team.

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