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Stephen Lawrence Day - 22nd April

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Stephen Lawrence

Stephen Lawrence Day was first celebrated in 2019 and takes place annually on 22 April, the date of Stephen’s death. The Day is marked officially in the British calendar as a celebration of Stephen’s life and legacy.

Open the links below to find out more about this day and the Stephen Lawrence Foundation.

The Foundation, was established amid unprecedented growing global awareness of racial inequality, exists to inspire a more equal, inclusive society, and to foster opportunities for marginalised young people in the UK.

The Stephen Lawrence Day Foundation has been working tirelessly with stakeholders in education, business, and government to develop a framework that will become the bedrock of the foundation’s future work. https://stephenlawrenceday.org/stephens-story/





"Justice for Stephen is about all of us, every one of us, in society having justice. There are still too many young people who do not have a sense of hope, who just don’t get the chance to live their dreams. I want all our children and young people to feel inspired, be confident and have hope in their own future. We are building hope but there is more to do."

- Baroness Lawrence, Speaking at 20th Anniversay Memorial in 2013